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 Amateur Radio RF Measurements:


  AAZ-0713 is an Infinity Project:

Fox Delta Project "INFINITY"

Click above image to know more about INFINITY Project Concept


 35MHZ Antenna Analyzer: AAZ-0713 USB+GCPU


A Project by:

Tony / I2TZK

Frank / K7SFN 

Dinesh / VU2FD


This Project is Revised to AAZ-0217:


35MHZ Antenna Analyzer: AAZ-0713:

AAZ-0713 is designed to work as a standalone USB Antenna Analyzer like AAZ0912 and suitable to works with a Graphic LCD Display. 

A PC program is available for using AAZ-0713 as a PC based USB antenna analyzer, like our most popular AAZ-0912. Firmware for Graphic CPU and Antenna Analyzer - 0713 are developed by Tony/I2TZK.

AAZ-0713 is a simple single board antenna analyzer using DDS signal as a source and a return signal from antenna is used for measurement by a Log Amplifier AD8307


AAZ-0713 is Project "INFINITY" Module:

Graphic CPU which may be used with this Antenna Analyzer is a core of our "INFINITY" Project and is developed keeping in mind that we use same CPU/LCD/Hardware for various Purposes or Projects, saving a lot of money in hardware. 


AAZ-0713 is designed in two parts:

1. Graphic CPU Board: GCPU-0613 and

2. Antenna Analyzer Board: AAZ-0713

A D9 Male to male cable (supplied with Graphic CPU KIT) is required to interconnect two units. Communication from CPU to Antenna Analyzer is by way of serial data fed to USB port. (It uses I2C lines of Graphic CPU for this purpose and USB data lines of AAZ-0713)


Antenna Analyzer AAZ0713 has more possibilities:

1. USB Interface: for use with your PC like AAZ-0912

2. Use with Graphic LCD CPU-0613 to operate without a PC.

3. with a BT interface, use your Android phone as display


Compatibility with AAZ-0912:

If you like to have a Graphic Display for your AAZ-0912 board, you need not buy or build this AAZ-0713. Just make yourself a simple USB to D9M cable, do a small modification on AAZ-0912 board and you are ready to use Graphic LCD Display for your AAZ-0912.

Modification to AAZ-0912 board as suggested by Tony/I2TZK is here: (these are also implemented on this AAZ-0713 design): 0-500MHZ RF Sensor Document


Antenna Analyzer AAZ-0713 and  Graphic CPU-0613:

Click above picture for larger view

Antenna Analyzer- 0713: Standalone USB

Click above picture for larger view

Graphic Antenna Analyzer Hardware Details:

Graphic CPU - 0613 Hardware Details:
128 x 64 Graphic LCD with Back light control  
DC12V or USB Powered 
Expansion slot for relays and alarms (FRC16)
8 DIP Switches for CPU Configuration



 Antenna Analyzer Board: AAZ-0713

Same Design as our popular AAZ-0912 with addition of a D9 socket for interfacing to Graphic CPU. 

USB Standalone Antenna Analyzer (PC Use) or Use it with  Graphic LCD Display

 DDS (AD9850) based Signal Generation

 AD8307 500MHZ RF Detector
 Resistive Return Loss Bridge
 WIN7 / XP PC Software and FW by  TONY/I2TZK

Powder Coated Free Cases for GCPU and Analyzer Board.


Ready for use with AAZ-BT-0813 Bluetooth Interface Board for Android Smart Phones

 AAZ-0713:  Tech Information Documents


AAZ-0713 Tech info document 0-500MHZ RF Sensor Document
Graphic CPU-0613 Schematic JPG
Graphic CPU-0613 Tech Info Doc 0-500MHZ RF Sensor Document
Graphic CPU-0613 Kit Parts List

0-500MHZ RF Sensor Document

AAZ-0713 Schematic and Parts List 0-500MHZ RF Sensor Document
AAZ-0713 Schematic JPG
 AAZ-0713 Firmware, Software and  User Document
AAZ-0713 FW/SW User Document for I2TZK  

0-500MHZ RF Sensor Document

PIC18F2550 V5.00 FW and SW : Full and Update

PIC18F4550 FW for Graphic CPU V1.02

How to Update FW?

0-500MHZ RF Sensor Document

Update to newer version do not require a PIC Programmer

 Previous Version Firmware and Software

PIC18F4550 Firmware V1.0 for Graphic CPU 


PIC18F2550 Firmware V4.03 for AAZ-0713 Board and PC Software V4.03

Visit I2TZK Web Site



  No longer Available
AAZ-0713 Complete Kit with Free Case  Revised to AAZ-0217

AAZ-0713 kit parts list.




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