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 Amateur Radio Astronomy


  Galileo: 20.1MHZ Receiver for Jove/Jupiter 
20.1 MHZ Radio Astronomy Receiver: Galileo
20.1 MHZ Radio Astronomy Receiver: Galileo2
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Receiving Current/Voltage Balun
HF Combiner/Splitter
Wireless Projects




 Galileo:  Advanced 20.1MHZ Radio Astronomy Receiver
 Astro Clock 
PIC 16F877A based Astro Clock has 16 times, 2x16LCD and a lot more that a serious astro oberservator may ask for!!



 Receiving Antenna Current/Voltage Balun
Receiving Antenna Current or Voltage Balun may be assembled for 1:1 (Standard Dipole), 1:4(Folded Dipole) or 1:9 (Long Wire)



HF Splitter / Combiner
This is an HF Signal Combiner or Splitter for 50 or 75 Ohms coaxial cables.

Although designed for Radio Astronomy Receiver, its an idea test bench utility for mixing or splitting of signals under test.



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