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PIC18F2550 remote Antenna Switch: CT1ARR 


This project is listed free of charge to encourage Homebrewing

CT1ARR Remote Antenna Switch Concept:

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Imagine that You can use only one cable from your tower to the shack to work with four different antennas. This cable can bring your radio one from four antennas' signal. 

With this Kit, you can choose the antenna signal that this cable bring to your HF radio. This project: Antenna Swicth 2.0 gives You this opportunity, making it easier to install and at mange your antennas. 

This remote antenna switch has four inputs and one output on the remote module, a command module in the shack connects via USB to Your computer. 

Using the software (Free Download) on your computer, You can program Your call sign and the four antennas' names. Antenna names will be displayed on the LCD display of the command module. 

You can switch the antenna in the software or manually from the command module. 

Two modules are interconnected by a cable ( four wire) for module communication. The remote module informs the command module that You are transmitting and avoid the switching in that moments protecting the radio.


Completed Command Module Board:

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Completed Remote Board:

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Schematics, Details & Parts List:
PIC18F2550 Antenna Switch Manual  Tech Info Doc for ST1 
Schematic, Assembly & Calibration Doc in English Tech Info Doc for ST1
PC software and driver installation

Tech Info Doc for ST1

 PC Software and other downloads
PC Software
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