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 PIC 16F84A 35MHZ LCD Frequency Counter: 3.5GHZ Option
LCD PIC  Frequency Counters
FC5 USD 69.00


50/500MHZ Frequency counter and RF Meter with Graphic LCD.

FC4 USD 49.00
50/500MHZ USB RF METER and Frequency Counter

Frequency counter for PC/USB. Also interfaces with Infinity Graphic LCD CPU.

FC3-SK USD 32.00
50MHZ Frequency Counter
PIC18F4550 based 50MHZ Frequency counter with Bargraph Signal Level indication. Economy design for digital display of old radios and science students

Free PC Software for Frequency reading and configuration by Tony/I2TZK.


 FC3-0915:  USD 55.00
50/500MHZ Frequency Counter & RF Meter
PIC 18F4550 Frequency Counter now goes to 500MHZ and measures RF Signal in DBm, Peek or RMS. Uses Ad8307 and 2x16 LCD. Powered from USB or DC12V.

 FC1 REV1011 USD 39.00
PIC16F628Based PIC Auto Ranging Frequency counter goes to 35MHZ and has RS232 data output. Works on DC12V or internal 9V battery.

 FC-1 Project Only
This Auto Ranging PIC16F84A Frequency counter counts up to 35-40Mhz and has two separate input BNC connectors. A pre-scale chip from Nec/CEL may be added with Divide by 256 counters to achieve 3.5GHZ frequency measurements.
Project Only


40 / 400MHZ PIC 16F84A Frequency Counter
  FC-2 Project Only

PIC 16F84A frequency counter is programmable for IF offsets & Pre-Scale division of 10. Counts up to 40MHZ as a basic PIC Frequency Counter & up to 400MHZ with MC12080 Pre-Scale IC.



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