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 HF & VHF Radio Modems


RS232/USB 1200 Baud Modem: Project Details & Kits

FoxDigi: 1200 baud Modem/TNC

Hamcom Radio Interface: Project & Kits




 Introduction to Radio Modems:

For many radio amateurs, talking or chit-chatting on-the-air is of no interest. They prefer to "Silently" work on their bench with hobby projects & communicate with fellow amateur by way of a PC and a modem connected to their wireless sets.

There are lots of ideas and many brands of radio modems available to fill this requirements. Buying a ready made modem & making one for own use, makes a lots of difference to many. This design is an attempt to build a quality modem for 1200 Baud VHF digital work.

Hamcom is another such interface giving us ability to connect on HF & VHF with RTTY, CW & other modes. 

Complete technical details & schematic are given here for download 


 RM1 1200 Baud Port Powered RS232/USB Modem
This Port (PC) Powered 1200 Baud modem is available in RS232 or USB.

This Baycom compatible Modem uses a MX614 1200 baud Bell 202 modem chip as detailed on previous project. Modem takes its power from RS232 COM port and has provision to use an USB chip from FTDI to use on USB with FTDI drivers.

A Double Sided PTH PCB measuring 10cm X 5cm is available for those who wish to build this modem using their own parts.


1200 baud baycom radio modem sing MX614


Project Details & Buy Kits on-line

A PIC Based aprs TNC (MX614-less) for your PC

Project Details & Buy Kits on-line


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