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 Amateur Radio Satellite Operation:
  Satellite Antenna Tracking Interface: ST2-USB



Available Kits:
Advanced Satellite Tracking Interface: ST2 0417 USB
Advanced Satellite Tracking Interface: ST2 RS232


 Satellite Tracking & Prediction Interface

This project is revised to ST2-0417 USB


FD-ST2-0816 USB    

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ST2-USB is an advanced Satellite Antenna Tracking Interface for Yaesu (Or similar) Rotor Controllers based on LVB Tracker Firmware. Project uses PIC16F976A, 28PIN DIP. Firmware uses full A/D and EEprom capability of 876A and make setup a smooth process.

ST2-USB measures 14x8cm and is designed on a double sided PTH board. Its same as ST2-RS232 except that it has built-in USB interface using CH360G in SO16 package, pre-soldered for kits. 

Screw Terminals are used for Rotor Connections to simplify installation. You will have make a suitable cable to interconnect ST2 to Yaesu Rotor Controller.

ST2-RS232 and ST2-0816 USB supports Yaesu GS232, Extended GS232 and Easycomm commands, making it a suitable interface to use with NOVA, SatPC32 and many more, having above interface servers.

ST2-USB can be powered from USB port or from Yaesu Rotor Controller. A push powere change over switch is provided for this purpose.

ST2-USB Kits & Assembled, now includes a free powder coated metal case. CH360G requires a driver for WIN OS and is available for down load from this page. Driver creates a virtual COM port for your OS to work with SatPC32 or Nova. ST2-0816 was fully tested on WIN XP(SP2) and WIN7 Ultimate.

Completed ST2-0816  USB: Main Board

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Above picture silk is marked 0716. Final Kit PCBs are marked 0816
Important Note:
U4 (7805) in above picture is mounted on Top Side. In ST2-0816 PCBs, it should be mounted on bottom side due to SILK Errror. Please refer "Error Doc" for details.
ST2-0816 USB Schematics, Details & Parts List:
ST2-0816 Specific Doc. 0-500MHZ RF Sensor Document
ST2-0816 Kit Parts List 0-500MHZ RF Sensor Document
ST2-0816 Schematic  JPG
ST2-0816 U4 Error Doc

0-500MHZ RF Sensor Document

 ST2/ST2-USB Setup Guide for SatPC32 & G5500

0-500MHZ RF Sensor Document

ST2-0816 USB FW

Analog Device AD8307 Datasheet


0-500MHZ RF Sensor Document

Check HRD Support for this project.....

Analog Device AD8307 Datasheet


Analog Device AD8307 Datasheet

Manual G5500 0-500MHZ RF Sensor Document
Manual G5400 0-500MHZ RF Sensor Document
LVB Tracker Web Page

Analog Device AD8307 Datasheet

Datasheet PIC16F876A 

Analog Device AD8307 Datasheet

Datasheet CH360G

0-500MHZ RF Sensor Document

CH360G Drivers

ST2/ST2-USB PIC16F876A Firmware

Analog Device AD8307 Datasheet

PstRotor Satellite Antenna Tracking Software by YO3DMU:

Click image to Visit YO3DMU  Webpage

 PstRotor Details: 


  This project is revised to ST2-0417 USB



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