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 HF & VHF Wireless Equipment Accessories



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 RF Power Amplifier Controller
PIC18F4550 Controller will monitors Temp, Bias, Voltage, Current and FWD/SWR of a multi module RF Power Amplifier

Coming Soon

 HF Antenna Analyzer
PIC 18F2550/2553 Based HF antenna analyzer uses AD9851 DDS and AD8307 for accurate plots on your PC. USB powered.



 CT1ARR PIC18F2550 Remote Antenna Switch

Associação de Radioamadores do Ribatejo - Hamradio Club CT1ARR Project

CT1ARR has developed a PIC18F2550 based remote antenna switch. Main unit has USB connectivity and a free PC control software is supplied. Remote unit is linked thru RJ12 cable and may be placed at antenna feed point.


 HF Splitter/Combiner for 50 or 75 ohms
HF Cobiner/Splitter for Receiving antenna or test bench. 50 or 75 ohms.

Kits are available with powder coated metal case.


  HF Receiving antenna Balun

Receiving antenna Balun may be configured for 1:1, 1:4 or 1:9.

Ideal for Dipole & end-fire antennas.


  40db Attenuator for HF

40db RF Attenuator is basically designed for PM3A RF Power Meter. However, It may be used for any HF RF measuring purpose as well.




 Antenna Matching Balun for QRP Rigs

A simple two toroid antenna matching balun is ideal for portable units. Provides 50 Ohms, 25 Ohms and 12.5 Ohms to Antenna.




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