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 FOXTRAK-M :: APRS Tracker Module


FoxTrak-M is designed on a Double Sided PTH PCB & measures only 7cm x 4cm. It is intended to be used as plug-in module  in a project like FoxView2 where tracker functionality is required to be added.

FoxTrak-M has same schematic & parts list as original FoxTrak detailed elsewhere on this site. Instead of D9 Sockets for Radio & GPS/PC, Foxtrak-M uses standard 0.1inch headers.

Please refer to FoxTrak document, schematic and parts list for more details.


Completed FoxTrak-M:


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 FoxTrak Doc & Schematic:
Technical Info Doc
Kit Parts List



 Config Programs & Firmware Download


PIC16F84A Firmware

  Development & Optional Firmware for FoxTrak
Jeroen, PE1RXQ APRS Tracker Firmware

Rolf Bleher/DK7IN APRS Firmware Project Page

Data Track : For BALLOONISTS

 DOS, Windows & Linux Configuration Programs
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