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Thank you for your interest in Fox Delta Kits. If you just made a payment, an invoice was generated at the gateway for this payment.

You will soon receive an email notification regarding delivery schedule of the ordered items.

Use "Contact me" link below if you require to make changes in order, refunds, non-delivery of ordered items or any other problems related to this payment.

All kits are sent by Registered Airmail and takes from 8 to 15 days to reach. Post will ask for your signature for delivery.

I will intimate dispatch with Registered Air Mail RR numbers. These are registration Numbers and may be used for tracking online if your country's postal department support it.


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Terms of Service
Projects detailed on this site are for the purpose of providing technical information to Radio Amateurs who are interested in homebrewing. I have provided full information on each project including PIC Processor hex codes and for many projects, Gerber files for making PCBs. Idea is not to sell but have an expectation that visitor will be able to copy this project.

I build these projects for myself and verified its operation/usage to the best of my satisfaction. However, I do not stand responsible for non-functioning of any of the projects that visitor try from this site. Use your own technical knowledge to complete the project.

I do provide email support on honorary bases to Radio Amateurs seeking such support.

If you buy a kit, price of kit is calculated on bases of price of components, cases and PCBs. Since I buy components from the market, there is no warranty on components. However, I may offer a replacement if cause of defect is justified.

Assembled kits are supplied tested for operation. They may not be calibrated. It is responsibility of buyer to have capability to calibrate/align the assembled project kits.

All microprocessor codes are free to download. 

All projects and material is free of any copy right and may be made for any purpose without asking for my permission.

Remember: These are hobby projects and kits and not a business shop

Refund Policy
I will forward all kits by Registered Air Mail. I do not forward kits to some countries where mail service is not good. These countries are listed here...... No payments will be received from these countries.

In case of a kit/packet getting lost in the mail, I may consider sending the same kit again or refund the full payment.

Please allow 8-15 days for kits to reach.

Contact me if kits are delayed beyond above period, before opening a dispute at payment gateway.

Once kits are received by the buyer, no refund will be paid.

If you have doubts and wants to anyway buy a particular kit which you wish to return if it dosn't work to your satisfaction, please contact me & discuss this matter before purchase.


Return address: 

(for defective parts and with mutual consent only)

NV 89704 / USA


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