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 Amateur Radio Satellite Operation


  Satellite Antenna Tracking Interface:
Simple PIC16F688 Satellite tracking Interface
Advanced PIC16F84A LCD Satellite Tracking Interface
PIC18F876A Satellite Tracking & Prediction Interface



PstRotor Satellite Antenna Tracking Software by YO3DMU:

Click image to Visit YO3DMU  Webpage

 PstRotor Details: 

ST3: PIC16F84A LCD Satellite Antenna Tracking Interface:

This an advanced Satellite Antenna Tracking Interface with two line LCD Display. Has 2x16 LCD, PIC16F84A and works with server Easycom.

Displays AZ/EL required for specific satellite on first line and position of your antenna on second line.



PIC16F688 Satellite Tracking Interface: 



This low cost, PIC16F688 based satellite interface, is ideal for radio amateurs having a desire to join the exciting hobby of satellite communication.

Interface kits are available with either Serial port or USB interface to your PC. 

Although, designed to control Yeasu rotors using satellite software such as Nova and SatPC, Interface may be used with other rotators & PC Software.



Advance Satellite Tracking & Prediction Interface:


This advanced, 2x16 LCD, satellite interface is ideal for radio amateurs looking for a tracking interface for G5400 or G5500 Rotors. 

ST2 Interface will be available  in kit or assembled and runs from a RS232 port. 




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