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 PIC 16F628/A 35MHZ LCD Frequency Counter: 


Please consider new project FC3-SK
FC1-Rev1011 Frequency Counter: (Obsolete)

This Frequency counter Project is based on PIC16F628/A Microprocessor chip manufactured by Microchip. Almost similar to previous FC1 project except that  

1.      Project uses PIC16F628/A chip

2.      Place for a 9V battery

3.      RS232 output for PC connectivity.

4.      Supplied with a Powder Coated metal cases.

In this counter, we have possibility to supply external 12V or have an Internal 9V battery, selected from front panel switches.

Counter firmware is Auto-Ranging and drives a 16x1 LCD. Counter is designed on 8 X 14cm PTH Double Sided PCB. I could make this board much smaller but I preferred this size, keeping in mind the available cases made for other projects!!

Measured frequency is also available at RS232 level at D9F connector on board. This may be read by running simple win Hyper Terminal. No special Windows program is available and this is left up to the user to decide what and how data may be used on PC.

A small update from previous design is that, we can power front-end RF amp from three possible sources:

  1. From 9V (may change with battery getting discharged)
  2. +5V and (steady)
  3. 9V from MAX232 chip. (Steady but loading on MAX232)

No attempt is made to include a Prescaler as objective of this project is to use PIC at its maximum possible capabilities and limit its use to PICís Frequency measurement limits. Although FC1 Rev1011 is states as a 35MHZ counter, it may work to as high as 50MHZ on some PIC chips.


Front Side

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FC1 Rev1011 Board:

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 Schematic & Documents Download:
FC1 Rev1011 Frequency Counter Document
FC1 Rev1011 Schematic & Parts List
Schematic 35MHZ PIC Frequency Counter JPG

Programming Hex 16F628/A
Project Datasheets


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FC1 Rev1011 complete kit with free powder coated case 
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