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 PIC 16F84A Micro Controller EchoLink* Interface





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Revision: 0808


Fox Delta: Foxecho-K7 Echolink Interface



PIC16F84A Micro Controller EchoLink* Interface is designed to achieve some of the following points of Interest to Radio Amateurs:


Real RS232 signals
100% Galvanic Separation
Plug-in Tone & AGC module (option)
COR (Positive or Negative logic selectable)
Hardware DTMF decoding 
Muting (automatic) of receiver audio
Adjustable receiver and transmitter audio levels
Power status, DTMF, PTT and COR LED's
Uses a PIC16F84A 
DIN 5 Front Panel Connector for easy interface to Rig
Transceiver connection has “HT” Header for portables
No relays. Uses HFE4053 Analog Switches.
12cm x 7cm, Double Sided PTH Board.
Usable for other digital modes like PSK31
A true homebrew project, you can build.

Foxecho-K7 interface uses an MT8870 DTMF Decoder and a PIC16F84A. Uses two 4N33 Opto Couplers and two transformers to achieve 100% isolation between transceiver and your PC.

An AGC add-on card is available to effectively control receive audio level and tone.

* EchoLink is a registered trademark of  Synergenics, LLC

Picture of the Completed EchoLink* Interface

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FoxEcho-K7 Schematic & Parts List
Schematic of the Isolated components JPG JPG
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PIC16F84A Firmware

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