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 HF & VHF Radio Modems


  VixenTrak: A GPS-less Position Encoder & Digi


A GPS-less Position Encoder & Digipeater for FoxView2.


This particular project is targeted to make a simple, low power, Plug-in Module for FoxView2, An APRS LCD Viewer.

VixenTrak is similar to FoxDigi detailed elsewhere on this site. However, in this application its role is limited to transmit APRS Position beacon without a GPS (Home Station Use) and act as a Digipeater.

VixenTrak is designed to achieve following:

1.      Transmit APRS Position without a GPS

2.      Act as a  Digipeater for the Radio connected to    FoxView2

3.      Easy configuration thru Hyper-Terminal

4.      True RS232 interface to your PC

5.      Option to use GPS at 9600 or 4800 baud.


VixenTrak uses a MX232 to get true RS232 levels. When used with FoxView2, you will require a Null-Modem adapter to configure VixenTrak.

“RX”, “TX” and “Power” activity LEDs are provided for observing VixenTrak Activity.

VixenTrak Configuration:

User data (Station Call Sign etc) is stored in PIC88 by using a simple window’s program called “HyperTerminal”.

To enter Configuration Mode, install VixenTrak on FoxView2 and connect a serial cable using a null modem.

Open HyperTerminal and set it up for 4800N1. Apply power to FoxView2 & a message will appear. Type, “help” to get list of commands or Type “Disp” to see present content of PIC’s Flash.

If you like to know how VixenTrak can be configured and how you can proceed with Hyper-Terminal, please refer to related document available for download below.


Picture of the completed VixenTrak Module:

Click the image to enlarge

VixenTrak Document

1200 baud modem using MX614

Schematic & Parts List

1200 baud modem using MX614

Using Hyper Terminal of Windows

1200 baud modem using MX614



VixenTrak Kit Parts List

1200 baud modem using MX614




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