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FOXVIEW was the first amateur radio project ever built for radio amateurs to view APRS packets without a PC or expensive APRS Enabled Radio Equipment. 

FoxView2 is called an APRS Terminal. Intended for Base Station use, FoxView2 will do following for you:

1. Its an LCD APRS Viewer with Filters.

2. A Tracker with GPS#

3. A GPS-less APRS Position encoder##

4. A stand-alone (No PC) Digipeater##

5. An advanced tracker with FD-OT+ tracker module*

6. A Kiss TNC and 1 Wire APRS WX Station*

Designed with a large 4x20 Characters Back-lite LCD Display, FoxView2 includes a Modem/TNC, an analog switch and a plug-in tracker module.

FoxView2 requires an audio input from your receiver or transceiver and a DC 12V supply. FoxView2 is basically designed as an APRS Terminal for your ham shack.

In addition to monitor APRS activities, it may be used as a kiss TNC or a home 1Wire APRS Weather Station. In either case, you can view data coming from your radio as well as coming from installed tracker, on large 4x20 LCD.

FoxView2 includes an effective active audio filter, an MX614 Modem Chip, an analog switch 74HC4053 and a PIC16F628A micro-controller. All chips are in DIP packages.

After all these goodies, it should not cost a fortune. In fact, with few components from here & there, you will be able to build this APRS Terminal yourself & enjoy APRS activities.

FoxView2 will be available in kits with a choice of a FoxTrak or VixenTrak module. 

Additional option of FD-OT+ type of module may be available to those looking for better tracker functionality and 1Wire WX support. 

However, it should be kept in mind that FoxView2 is designed for home use and not for moving/portable use. Basic concept of providing a GPS-Less module which also works as a Digipeater, is to use this unit in an Amateur Base Station to monitor APRS activities all the day without a PC.  


Completed pictures of FoxView2 with OT+ Module:

FoxView2 with Add-on Tracker Module.

Click to enlarge

Foxtrak Plug-in module for FoxView2
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A Tracker Module with GPS and smart beaconing.

VixenTrak:  Plug-in module for FoxView2
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APRS Position Encoder without a GPS and a Digipeater.

FD-OT+ Tracker Module for FoxView2: Option

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This module provides: Tracker with or Without GPS, 1Wire Wx Station and a Kiss TNC

FoxView2 uses all standard DIP packages, including MX614.

FoxView2 will be available with a choice of any of the above three tracker modules: FoxTrak, VixenTrak and FD-OT+

 FoxView2 Doc & Schematic:

Technical Info Doc
Schematic of FoxView2 PART A JPG
Schematic of FoxView2 PART B


Schematic A+B

Schematic of FoxTrak-Module


Schematic of VixenTrak Module


Schematic OT+ Module

FoxView2 Menu Details
FoxView Firmware

FV2 Config guide by JA0POR

FoxTrak Config. Utility
VixenTrak Config. Details
OT+ Config. Utility
OT+ Manual & Firmware

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